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Advertising in Sign&Print is a sound investment – the magazine has a circulation of
3,600 copies, reaching professionals in areas such as digital photography, advertising agencies, inhouse agencies, publishing, web agencies, newspapers, prepress, printing and finishing.

We also have a classified ad section, where you can advertise for buying or selling used graphic arts equipment.

Price list and publication schedule
Download complete media package including price list and publication schedule (pdf).
Media kit

Daniel Wahlgren, sales director,
Phone+46 76 317 80 91

Ad material
We only accept digital ad material. We accept ads in three different formats: xAds, Quark Xpress or pdf. In order to create a printable pdf file you should use a print profile for Acrobat Distiller.

Distiller profile 

Contact details
AGI Publishing House AB
Altonagatan 5
SE-211 38 Malmö


Internet advertising


TOP BANNER 5 000 per week (excl. VAT)
MIDDLE BANNER 2 000 per uke (excl. VAT)
COLUMN BANNER 800 per week (excl. VAT)
SPONSORED MATERIAL 3 000 per week (excl. VAT)
SPONSORED VIDEO 3 000 per week (excl. VAT)
JOB AD, ONE MONTH included in newsletter
EVENT AD, ONE MONTH included in newsletter

Weekly newsletter:

TOP BANNER 12 000 per week (excl. VAT)
MIDDLE BANNER 6 000 per week (excl. VAT)
COLUMN BANNER 2 500 per week (excl. VAT)
SPONSORED MATERIAL 8 000 per week (excl. VAT)
SPONSORED VIDEO 8 000 per week (excl. VAT)
JOB AD, ONE MONTH 5 000 per month (excl. VAT)
EVENT AD, ONE MONTH 3 000 per month (excl. VAT)

• Top banner (landscape format)
Size: 950 x 150 pixels

• Middle banner (middle banner)
Size: 610 x 140 pixels

• Column banner (portrait format)
Size: 120× 170 pixels

File size should not exceed 30 Kb.

E-mail your banner to Lukas Prabert,

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